Enhance your team, with the GoPath team

The Best Engineers

The GoPath team consists of developers from some of the best companies in the world such as Google, Heroku, Rackspace, Iron.io and others.

Quickly Add to Your Team

Time is everything. We can start working on your projects right away and get things moving quickly and efficiently.

Fast Results

We work hard and we work fast so you can meet your goals and deadlines.

Always On, Always Available

If you have questions, need help or want to know the status of your project, you'll be able to talk to anyone on the GoPath team just by jumping on Slack and asking your questions.

  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA
  • Our team is distributed across multiple timezones
  • Real-time communication via Slack, when it's convenient for you
  • Direct access to the engineers

What We Do

We focus on building high performance, low maintenance software using Go. We also work to make deployment and management of the software we build as simple and as automated as possible.

Develop New Apps

Let us build your software project from scratch. Whether you have an idea or a detailed spec, we can get you started and build out your entire system. We'll get you from idea to launch.

Port Your Existing Apps

Do you have an application that is having performance issues, taking too long to run tests, or is getting hard to maintain? Let us port your application to Go and solve those legacy problems.

Enhance Your Systems

Sometimes you need to fix certain parts of your system due to performance or maybe it's hard to integrate with. We can build high performance Microservices to replace parts of your application and modernize integrations.

Our Work

We work with companies that want to get things done quickly. We understand minimal viable product and other lean startup methods to develop highly focused feature sets and getting product to market. We’re good at seeing the possibilities and reducing them to viable release strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers.

Why Go?

Go is a very high performance, lightweight language that will allow you to handle huge amounts of traffic/load. It is also one of the easiest languages to maintain and deploy. You will love the benefits you get with a project written in Go.

Why GoPath?

GoPath has been delivering high quality application development and support since 2009.

We know how things work and how to get things done. And did we mention how awesome our team is? Ex-Google, Ex-Paypal, Ex-Heroku, etc. Only the best.

Why use Slack for communication?

We want you to be able to communicate with us quickly so we can get things done quickly. Slack enables us to communicate with you in a timely, real-time manner without wasting time planning and sitting through phone calls and meetings.

I am a developer, how can I work for GoPath?

We are always looking for the best talent available, part-time or full-time, we want you.

If you think you'd be a good addition to the GoPath team and love working with awesome customers, send us a note at jobs@gopath.io and we'll talk.

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